Porsche (adopted)

Porsche (adopted)

Update 31.08.2023:

Porsche is a girl and absolutly gorgeous! See that smile! See the fun she is having!

But, of course, she would also love to have a real home.

Her story:

Meet Porsche, the adorable puppy with a heart of gold and an almost white coat that’s sure to steal your heart! Born in December 2022, Porsche is the beloved sister of Mercedes, Aston, Lexus, Chevy, and Peugeot. While her siblings are all equally charming, Porsche’s light-colored fur sets her apart and makes her an absolute stunner!

But Porsche is much more than just a pretty face. She is playful, curious, and full of energy, always eager to make new friends and explore her surroundings. She’s also incredibly smart, picking up new commands and tricks in no time at all.

Despite her many wonderful qualities, Porsche is still waiting for her forever home. If you’re looking for a loyal and loving companion, Porsche may be the perfect match for you. Come and meet her today at the shelter and see for yourself what a wonderful addition she could be to your family.