Sweetchuck (adopted)

Sweetchuck (adopted)
Update 8.7.2023:
🇸🇪Sweetchuck (one of our Police Academy pups) is ♥️h♥️o♥️m♥️e♥️ in Sweden.
Her momma is a truck driver and will have Chucky as a co pilot. We dig that!
Update 31.05.2023:
Sweetchuck is a young and adorable brown dog and is full of energy and playfulness, always ready to embark on exciting adventures.  Her innocent and curious nature makes her an endearing companion, eager to explore the world around her. Sweetchuck’s playful antics and affectionate personality make her a beloved member of the family.
Update 23.3.2023:

Don’t be fooled by Sweetchuck’s size – she has a big personality! Full of energy, she loves to show off its impressive array of tiny tricks and antics, making it a joy to be around.

His story:
Have you seen the latest bunch, its a regular kindergarten at our shelter.
This group is named after the characters from Police Academy.