Update 9.1.2024:

I have had Chevy from 1.5 months old.
Chevy has grown into a 30+ kilo dog who is so kind, so gentle, so submissive, he has no idea of his size and what he could do with it.
Chevy just wants his person. His person and a trip to the dog run a few times a week would do him fine!
He is a gem.
He is a gorgeous boy.
He is an impressive, Snow White, gentle giant.
Consider Chevy.
You cannot go wrong.
Be a part of our family.
Adopt. Donate. Share.
The Souda Shelter Project♥️


Update 26.11.2023:

🐾 Meet Chevy, the charming canine with a heart as pure as his snowy fur! This handsome white dog, adorned with the softest brown eyes you’ve ever seen, has been patiently waiting for his forever home since he was just a little pup.

Chevy is not just a dog; he’s a furry friend who has grown up in the embrace of the shelter, making him exceptionally well-socialized. His interactions with both humans and fellow furry companions have shaped him into a delightful, friendly companion. Whether it’s wagging his tail in excitement or offering a gentle paw, Chevy is eager to make a connection with anyone willing to open their heart to him.

Update 28.6.2023:

Chevy, the white dog from the Souda Shelter, has blossomed into a joyful teenager, embracing a life filled with fun and adventure.

His story:

Say hello to Chevy, the adorable and playful puppy with an almost white coat that’s sure to capture your heart! Born in December 2022, Chevy is the lovable brother of Porsche, Mercedes, Aston, Lexus, and Peugeot. With his bright, curious eyes and soft, fluffy fur, Chevy is as cute as they come.

Chevy is a fun-loving and energetic puppy who loves nothing more than running and playing with his favorite humans. He’s always up for a game of fetch or a good belly rub. His sweet and affectionate nature makes him a great fit for families with children or other pets.

Despite his many wonderful qualities, Chevy is still waiting for his forever home. If you’re looking for a loyal and loving companion, Chevy may be the perfect match for you. Come and meet him today at the shelter and see for yourself what a wonderful addition he could be to your family.