Jackson (adopted)

Jackson (adopted)

Update 2.1.2023:

Baby Jackson of the Tinies started his new year off RIGHT!
He’s got two new brothers, Kostantinos and Panagiotis, a mom and a dad and a warm and loving new home right here in Akrotiri.
One of little brother Panagiotis’ first full sentences when he was just a toddler was a wish to his mom and dad to come home to a puppy in a bow.
I was over the house, New Year’s Eve for the house check and to finalize the adoption if all went well.
When I announced that Jackson was theirs, Panagiotis could not hold back the tears, and neither could I.
They picked up Jackson New Year’s Day.
Good luck and good life to Jackson and his beautiful new family!
The Kostogiannis household now has three handsome boys!♥️

His story:

Sweet Jackson was born around Sept 03/2022 and was left in a box outside the shelter together with his siblings.

Brother of Derek, Alex, Meredith, Navina , Madi (adopted), Owen and Kat.