Gilda (adopted)

Gilda (adopted)
Update 25.11.2022:
Early this morning while everyone was sleeping two girls set out on a trip.
One was returning home after volunteering for over two months with us and the other was moving to a new country to start a glamorous new life.
Both super special beings.
We will miss them both♥️
Clara and Gilda, the beginning of a beautiful life together.
Her eyes are as bright as a child’s on Christmas morning.
Her first day in her new country with her new family.
Look at all that stuff! All for baby Gilda.
Makes my heart explode with joy.
Have a good life baby G.
From the looks of it, you probably will.
And there is no one more deserving.
Gilda, now a citizen of Austria 🇦🇹
Just look at her expression♥️ Just look at that shopping cart!😃
Her story:
Little Gilda
She was born in a field with four other brothers and sisters.
I had met the young litter and their mom months ago but when it was time to take them in I could not for they had become infected with Parvo, a deadly canine virus.
Months later she is with us.
Only two survived of the five.
The mom is still in the field, terrified of humans.
Look into those deep, meaningful, hopeful eyes and tell her that you cannot have her. I certainly could not.