Derek (adopted)

Derek (adopted)
Update 21.1.2023:
Derek from the Tinies has now become Bruno and he couldn’t be a better fit for our family. He’s calm, loving and easy to train thanks to his love for food. The biggest of the Tinies, he’s now over 7kg and taller than grandmas Jack Russell. He enjoys training with mom. Play rough with dad. And he loves kids, especially his own. He checks on them and misses them when they’re not around and they love him back. He not only brings joy to us, but people all around. Other than food he also loves snow, sniffing and running. And I must say: he’s growing into a real handsome fella, enjoying life.
His story:
This is Derek, the biggest of the litter but also the biggest chicken!😂
Twice the size of some of his siblings, Derek doesn’t miss a meal😃