Tilly (adopted)

Tilly (adopted)

Update 15.1.2023:

Sansa (Tilly) is
Trip from Crete to all the way Kittilä, Finland was long and tiring but worth it.
Our baby is home and we couldn’t be more excited!


Update 23.8.2022:

Big Dog Enthusiasts! Tilly is up for adoption.
Tilly is a few days shy of a year old and tipping the scales at thirty kilos.

There must be Great Dane in this girl because her character is just that, the chill character of a Dane.

Loads of lounging, lots of love for her humans, enjoying long walks, cats are cool company, doggos are even cooler, children are super tolerable and she is presently learning how to deal with car rides.

Adopt Tilly today!


More info here:


Her story:

This is our little girl Tilly.
She is quite young, quite big and a whole lot of cutey goofy!
She can open doors with handles.
She does broken back end wiggle butt.
She loves other animals.
She loves humans.
As our foster and volunteer Aimee describes her:
She is currently working on housetraining. She was not allowed inside before us, you can tell because she would just stop at the door. Since our house is tiled both inside and out it is confusing her. So it’s a work in progress.
Vet believes her to be between 9-10 months old. She has not had a heat yet. She does have her microchip and the first set of shots. We go for the next in two weeks. She was supposed to email the test results but since my email address has an underscore it sometimes is interpreted as a hyphen and might explain why I don’t have the results to share with you. She was 24kg at her visit. She stands 66cm tall at shoulder taller with her head.
Her personal traits -walks beautifully on a leash, She is happy to play both with people and other dogs.She rides ok in the car, hasn’t gotten carsick. Challenges – she has figured out sliding doors and lever type door knobs. She is tall enough to get into trash cans, She likes to dig and roll in mud. She barks at her own reflection She is working on understanding what needs to be barked at and what she can ignore She doesn’t toilet on walks not even to mark. She uses either the yard in our garden or goes inside (work in progress) She still needs to chew and will grab things in reach. She is tall so lots of things can be in reach. It’s just a lot of learning new skills that she isn’t aware of.
All and all a beautiful impressive baby girl.
Tilly, adopt her today!
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