Cashew (adopted)

Cashew (adopted)

Update 28.11.2022:

Cashew has grown a little. He is a friendly guy. He is still looking for his family who will love him not matter what.

Update 6.11.2022:

What a set of loving arms can do.
A set of loving arms can put a baby straight to sleep.
Just look at our our baby Cashew, little angel.
He has gone straight into deep sleep.
He’s so secure in our volunteer Megan’s arms.
Bless him.
He was born at the shelter.
His mom came in fully pregnant and before she even had the chance to see the vet, she gave birth.
This little guy only knows shelter life, so when he can get some lovin’, he takes full advantage.
Consider adopting this darling soul and give him nights on end of cradles, cuddles and hugs.
You’ll do him a world of good.
You’ll do yourself a world of good too.
And he’ll love you more than himself, for sure.

Update 9.9.2022:

Cashew …well, we’ll make better photos. We promised him.

His story:

Little cool boy Cashew was born 29.05.22 and is brother of Peanut, Pecan, Chestnut, Pistachio, Hazelnut, Butternut, Coconut and Brazil.