Aubry (adopted)

Aubry (adopted)

Update 25.05.2022:

Aubry is ♥️h♥️o♥️m♥️e♥️ in Finland living in the same house as her Souda brother Texas!

Update 16.3.2022:

AUBRY – Can you even recognize her? She’s the girl that came to the shelter emaciated, dehydrated and with sores all over her body. Aubry has overcome mange and is learning now what it feels like to enjoy life. But of course she could enjoy her second chance in life much more in a loving home than in a shelter!

Aubry and Blacky, both, they love people so, so much and would like to be around them all the time. Something we can’t provide at the shelter ?
Maybe you can?

Update 26.1.2022:

Getting better!

Update 5.1.2022:

Aubry, girl, born in August 2021. She is at the shelter.

Fofi is an angel.
Fofi volunteered to bathe Aubry every second day at her home with warm water and dry her.
It is a part of Aubry’s therapy along with antibiotics and Bravecto for her mange.
Thank you Fofi♥️

Today was her first bath.

At the vet:


Right now, this poor dog has come under our care.
Sores all over her body.
She’s only five months old.

Can you imagine, only five months on this earth and she’s already withstood so much pain already.
I had gotten an email about this animal almost one week ago.
One week of people seeing her, especially now that the weather was nice and she was at the beach and no one wanted to pick her up. To help her.
That’s why I’m asking for everyone to be a part of our project.
The more of us we are the more of them we can help.
Adopt. Donate. Share.

The Souda Shelter Project