Shane (adopted)

Shane (adopted)

Update 9.12.2022:

Shane is a small sized guy but mighty dog currently residing in a shelter. Despite his small size, he has a big personality and is full of energy and playfulness. He is incredibly smart and eager to learn, making him a great candidate for training. Despite not having a loving owner yet, he is incredibly friendly and affectionate to everyone he meets at the shelter. He is waiting for the right person to adopt him and give him a forever home where he can be their loyal and loving companion, and a potential new best friend for their existing pet.

Elizabeth says: Shane has absolutely no problem. He’s the most amazing dog on the planet. He’s my Deputy Sheriff. I adore him and wish you could go somewhere with his buddy Nomi.

Update 17.1.2022:

Shane is a very handsome boy. The brothers Aidan and Shane will stay short, Adam will be medium sized.

His story:

Shane is a boy and one of the Elafonissi puppies: click here

Here how they arrived at the shelter: click here

They were  born in August 2021.