Tilly (adopted)

Tilly (adopted)

Update 2.5.2023:

Tilly is still waiting…

Update 8.9.2022:

Tilly is still available… 1 year old now, she is sterilised and microchip and vaccinated…

She is very friendly and cuddly and loves being in the house.

But even though she has been in foster with me for almost a year, my older female still attack her all the time.

So she needs to find a new home.

It is a shame they cannot get on , the agression is all the older cat, not from Tilly


Her story:

Name: Tilly

Date of Birth: July 2021


Neutered: no

Cat House: Carole Cats

Tilly is a very loving cat, around 4 months old, had her second vacine/rabies and microchip last week so could travel soon.

She loves being with you, always wants to sit on your lap.

Gets on great with our cats and dogs, would make a great pet for someone who wants a friendly cat.