Asproula was born on the streets in Agious Apostolous. Her mom had given birth many times on the street to many litters because she was next to impossible to catch. Her mom was anti social and terrified of people. And so is Asproula.
Although she plays with the other animals and interacts with them normally the sight of a human makes her quiver.
She hides in her house when she is not outside playing.
But this can change.
We have seen it with even more difficult cases than Asproula.
Asproula needs a chance, a quiet home, some ‘one on one’ with a human.
Asproula is not quite a senior yet but the years are passing and it would be a shame for her to grow old in the shelter.
It would be a shame because she is not comfortable here and she never was.
If you have time on your hands and big love in your heart consider Asproula.
Cases such as hers with good results are like watching a flower bloom.
The feeling is beyond words.


She’s friendly, but she will need time to build trust.

With other dogs she’s very good.

Perfect would be if there’s already a dog in the household that could take the lead and help her find her courage.

She’s healthy and neutered.