Bentley (adopted)

Bentley (adopted)

Update 16.11.2021:

❤Update, 15.11.2021❤
Bentley konnte heute nachmittag in Hamm/Fährstrasse an einer Gärtnerei per Hand durch 2 unserer Teammitglieder gesichert werden.
Der kleine Bub hat mächtig Strecke gemacht, täglich von Eller bis in den Medienhafen, bzw. nach Hamm. Quer durch die Altstadt, auch dort hielt er sich immer wieder auf, löste Polizeieinsätze aus. Heute lief er in eine große offene Halle, ähnlich einem XXXL Carport, zwischen Anhängern, Maschinen und einigem mehr. Leider konnte diese gut 7m breite und 8m hohe Halle nicht geschlossen werden. Die Besitzer hatten aber ein langes Netz gespannt, das knapp 80cm hoch war. Bentley scannte allerdings die ganze Zeit leicht knurrend dieses Netz, und suchte nach einem Ausweg. Mit sehr viel Ruhe und Geduld gelang es dann unseren beiden Teammitgliedern ihn zu sichern, auch wenn er immer wieder versuchte, diese zu beißen. Er humpelt vorne links (das wird zeitnah untersucht), ist ziemlich dreckig, das Fell verfilzt, aber das wird alles wieder. ❤
Update 10.11.2021:
Düsseldorf: Bentley ist am Mittwoch aufgrund einer Hundeattacke entlaufen. Er reagiert nicht auf seinen Namen oder andere Hunde.
?In Stresssituationen könnte er beißen?


Update 3.11.2021:

King Pin Mafiozo.
Rat Bastard.
Nea Chora Street Fighter.
This little monster in the picture cuddling is Bentley. BENTLEY.
We had picked him up from the streets with his buddy Hayden.
FIVE YEARS on the streets of Nea Chora, not the easiest of neighborhoods for a small guy like himself.
At the shelter, after a long while, he began allowing the staff to touch him.
Not a lot a lot, just enough.
I personally was never allowed to touch him. He even threatened me by barking at my heels.
Below is a picture of him not even 10 minutes in his new home.
Rat bastard.
Good luck and good life mini gangsta, now it is truly time to hang up the tough guy act and be the teddy bear you look like♥️

Update 10.09.2021:


Bentley now got a haircut. He is a small dog.

Isn’t he pretty?



Now he is looked after:



His story:

The beach dogs of Nea Chora.
Caught the other day by our caretaker Nikos and our annual volunteer (and the person who requested this to happen), Tom Sawyer.
Both dogs, Hayden and Bentley, as we named them, were clinically examined yesterday.
Bloods were taken: general, biochemical, Leishmania and erlichia tests were done. Animals levels are well considering their lifestyle for so long. Some pinched levels but should flatten out over time and good food and treatment.
Anti-parasite, microchips and vaccinations given.
Sedation, x-rays and haircut for Hayden. Hayden’s x-rays showed he has loose knees. Probably genetic but causing difficulties as of lately (limping).
Bentley at the groomer’s today. A pure gentleman, no muzzle.
Big accomplishment these two, we will KEEP them.
We cannot see them back out on the street with no one to ACTUALLY care for them.
Winter is coming, they are getting older.
That part of their lives is over.
Neighbors and tourists who know them and who miss them and love them and want them back are more than welcome to come and adopt them legally with microchip and obligations.
Till then, they are up for adoption.
If you would like to donate for this cause, please do. This allows us to take the next “Hayden and Bentley” off the streets and finally give them the respect they deserve.
For donation information see the “about” at the top of the page or see our MAKE a DONATION page.
We’ll keep you posted on these two gangsters….stay tuned!
Bentley on the street before taken in.