Update: Drew is adopted!

The tearjerker of the day, from Drew’s dad Sebastian, this morning:
“she is doing very well and is learning a lot…she has a lot of scars on her body, but she has no scars on her heart! ❤️
BOOM. My heart just exploded…
Συγκίνηση πρωί πρωί από ένα μήνυμα που έλαβα από το μπαμπά της Ντρου:
“Τα πάε πάρα πολύ καλά και μαθαίνει πολλά…έχει πάρα πολλές ούλες στο σώμα της αλλα δεν έχει καμία ουλή στην καρδιά της! ❤️
ΜΠΟΥΜ! Μόλις εκραγγει η καρδιά μου.
Her story:




Just when we thought that Ethan’s wounds with the maggots were unbearable to look at, then this.

Old, emaciated, rotting and left to die. Her wounds are bubbling!

We named her Drew. She was born about Sept 2010.

She’s already had one surgery where they cleaned out all the necrotic tissue and picked out all of the maggots. She will need to be tranquilized again tomorrow to re-clean her wounds. This will need to happen the day after as well.

Thank you Agne for being the only decent human to put this poor animal in your car and drive her to the vet.

Thank God for people like you!

Drew will stay overnight at the Veterinary office and we will pick her up either tomorrow or the day after.

Please consider donating.

Blood work was done on the animal, Leishmania/Erlichia tests were done on the animal, antibiotics administered, IV, sedation, operation and tomorrow the same thing.

Not a cheap case.

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