Kira (adopted)

Kira (adopted)


Kira was adopted in Germany.

Elizabeth writes: I first saw a photo of Kira when a fellow rescuer in Heraklion sent me her photo and informed me that she was in grave danger.
I NEVER accept or even consider animals from other areas, Chania has enough animals in need but something told me we must help her. The neighborhood she was living in was notoriously known for its poisonings.
She came, we enjoyed her for a bit and soon enough she left us.
Below is Kira in her very own home❤️ thanks to our friends at Hundeheim Karlsruhe!
So deserving.
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Kira enjoying her new home.


Her story:


Kira adores humans. She gets along with everyone in the pack. She is a short sweet little lady.

She was born about November 2017.