Update 8.12.2022:
Just look at those faces, Madita and Brian.
They are overflowing with joy.
Brian is a beautiful bully who had been rehomed at one point but was returned because of his strength and his prey drive (he broke out of his yard and attacked sheep).
Brian is not aggressive towards humans, on the contrary, he melts in their hands.
Brian is now 4+ years of age and needs to go to an experienced bully handler.
City living would be best for him.
Adopt Brian today♥️
Brian is a wonderful young dog who had found a home but was returned because he was aggressive with other animals.
Brian is a strong boy.
He is sweet and kind and submissive to his humans.
Brian needs a home with an experienced bully owner.
His story:
“My sister Ivy said that there are people who don’t love me cause I’m a certain breed.
That can’t be so cause people are good and fun and nice and cute and make me happy” -the big love of Elizabeth’s life, Brian, male, castrated, healthy, staffy, 2 years old❤️
Brian with visitors. August 2020
Brian, January 2020 – born 2018.
September 2020.

His story:

Brian and Ivy are young. We’ll get details about their age and health condition when they’ll go to the vet.


This morning these two staffies were left tied up to our neighbor’s fence. Dirty and neglected, these animals cannot tell us their past but it doesn’t seem like a good one. January 2020