Frieda and Goody (adopted)

Frieda and Goody (adopted)


Goody needs an operation. She has a problem with one knee. She will be operated in Germany soon! She has a 50:50 chance to keep her leg. Let’s keep fingers crossed.

Frieda is a stunning beauty, January 2020
Frieda, Janury 2020

Frieda has got longer hair than Goody
Goody is a beauty in herself, January 2020
Goody has a knee problem and needs an operation. She’ll get it asap, of course.
Hopefully both will find good forever homes.

Julkaissut Elizabeth Iliakis Tiistaina 31. joulukuuta 2019
31.December 2019

Their story:

Frieda and Goody, both females, born August 2019, lived in a place next to a dangerous road. Some people fed them and mad two little huts. They were taken into the shelter on New Year’s Eve because the fireworks might have frighten them and they might have run onto the street.

Frieda , December 2019,…
and Goody