Tiny Tim (adopted) and Jim (adopted)

Tiny Tim (adopted)  and Jim (adopted)


Marjo came to Crete a some months ago on a road trip vacation from Finland with the hopes to relax and help us where she can.
Within the first couple of days she was here, we received two teeny tiny newborns from the Hellenic Navy base.
Jill had them for a week or two and then they went to Marjo.
Marjo was “fostering”.
Then COVID happened and Marjo was stuck here a bit longer than expected, all the while caring for this little brother duo, Tiny Tim and Jim as Jill named them.
When requests for adoption began pouring in for them Marjo announced she was keeping Jim. And a short time after that Tim too.
What a pleasant surprise!

Now Marjo, having a full vacation under her belt is getting ready to drive back to Suomiland, plus two Greeks.
I spent a little time with them today and I have never seen such a tight and loving bond.
Thank you Marjo  for being that strong, nurturing woman that you are.
Have a wonderful life boys, with Marjo it could not be anything less❤️


Their story:

Tim & Jim, thrown out at only a few weeks old, landed the very best foster home all winter, where they are treated like little kings, these little Kokoni dogs are intelligent, loving, playful, sensitive, busy, funny. They are used to living in a home & having walks on a lead. Jim will be off to Finland, Tim will need a home, once this current world travel problem is resolved. Fully vaccinated etc, ready for you?

They are Kokoni dogs. See here for expkanation: German / English.

If you are looking for a small dog, here is it!!!

Tim is ready – are You?

‘Tiny Tim’ was found dumped with his brother Jim. They have both been in a fantastic foster home & have lots of time, love & attention every day. So they are now very friendly, well-adjusted puppies. Jim is going home with the foster. Tim is ready to find his own family. Please consider if it could be You….

Tiny Tim

He will stay a small kokoni type, yes even though their faces do look like they have a bit of shepherd dog in them! Probably only 8kgs or so when adult. Tim is a boy, sensitive, yet determined, very fun, lively with typical puppy energy spurts, he also loves cuddles. He has a couple of dog friends already & is interested in other dogs. He loves the company of his brother, so would likely go very well with an adult, maybe female, dog. He likes to walk & play, & he really likes to fall asleep on his person. He would enjoy some training, he may well like agility for instance, as he’s a bright little thing.

Tiny Tim, February 2020
Their foster mom tells: “Our tiny boys have grown, they are now 3kgs each! Clever little fur-balls are loving life in a wonderful foster home & they are learning fast. They are both pure joy, cuddle and speed. Tim is a little more independent. We have over a week time to train the walkies around the house after the vaccination. Getting better, less somersaults. “
Tiny Tim and Jim in action
They are eating well and playing all the time?? They sleep so peacefully all night and wake up when the neighbour’s rooster begins his show at sunrise.
Merry Christmas from us!

Our foster mum calls us her Christmas angels and chocolate chips. Funny, we don’t even know what that is. Maybe we understand when we grow older? We’ll see a nice doctor tomorrow and maybe he will tell us something about our real parents… We think we are going stay small but are we going to be as cute cuddling machines when we grow up? We’ll let you know..

Late in 2019 these 2 tinies were found dumped at the Naval hospital in Souda, where people cared enough to beg Elizabeth to take them. Probably weigh 600g each at the moment, maybe 4-5 weeks old. As you can see they are doing fine, eating, sleeping, pooping, playing. Safe in foster, they will, of course, need homes later. At the moment they are simply known as ‘white toes’ & ‘twin’!

Dreaming of new adventures.
December 2019