Adrian (adopted) and Lang (adopted)

Adrian (adopted) and Lang (adopted)


Both are at the shelter now.

Adrien (left) and Lang (Clubber) (right)

Adrian and Lang were not supposed to walk again…distemper had infected their nervous system. Adrian could only move her head and tail. Look at this wind up toy now and her lazy brother Lang.

Julkaissut Elizabeth Iliakis Keskiviikkona 18. joulukuuta 2019
Adrien is still a small and very friendly dog.
Lang (Clubber) is a most handsome dog

Their history:

Adrian and Lang are getting better, Rocky died.

In 2019 in November, three pups were left outside of the shelter. Three fat, clean, terrified hunting dogs.
I named them all after characters from the movie Rocky: Adrian, Balboa (cause I already had a Rocky) and Lang (Clubber) as if I knew they were going to have to fight for their lives.

As we always do, they are taken to the vet and then isolated so as to see if they are carrying any viruses. We saw no symptoms of anything and a week plus after that they went for vaccinations.

TEN days after vaccinations they all fell paralyzed. One by one. We were shocked. The doctor explained that DISTEMPER (Staupe), (we had never encountered it before at the shelter), can take up to six weeks to show its ugly head.

Distemper is a virus that attacks the nervous system.
We had to make the dreadful decision of whether to keep them alive or not.

Yes, of course, the team and I are always optimistic, regardless of the odds and asked the doctor to keep them the first days.

Adrian was the first to go paralyzed, able to move only her head and her tail. Rocky (the black one) passed on the second day he became paralyzed. The third brother, Lang, became immobile from the waist down.

We took the animals back (once we were certain that they were not contagious any longer) and put them into foster.

I lost a lot of sleep thinking about the quality of life of these animals and who would I find to adopt them.

To make a long story short, Adrian’s foster called me today, the worst of the three cases to tell me that ADRIAN WALKS! And that the other brother, Lang, is on his way too.

Julkaissut Elizabeth Iliakis Perjantaina 13. joulukuuta 2019

What love does.
What dedication does.
What my friend Elli can do.
She is amazing.
Thank you Elli !

Their story:

9.11.2019: Reality on Crete: a “present” in the morning (and fortuneatly for the content it wasn’t thrown over the fence into the shelter – they would have been attacked and killed as intruders; all happened before again and again. See the sign!)
3 very frightened puppies

Unvaccinated puppies in a shelter are at a very high risk of getting parvo (they need 3!!! shots to be immune which takes weeks) or something else. Plus new puppies represent a danger for the puppies already in the shelter because they might bring a disease to them. Parvo kills in 1-2 days sometimes the whole litter.

The best thing for them is to grow up in a foster home.

We need more foster homes on Crete!!!

Be part of the project! We need your help! See our foster page for the details!