Laura (former Lara adopted)

Laura (former Lara adopted)

Update: Laura has been adopted in Belgium!!!

Our little Laura goes home.
Laura is a little Greek girl who was struck by a car a few months back.
Mirto Katsikani found her alone on the side of the road, unable to move and called us.
We rushed her to the vet.
Broken spine. Permanent paralyzation from the waist down, incontinence.
We located the owner but he said he could not maintain her so he would have her put down.
We asked him for custody of her and he gave her to us with all the hopes that someone would take her.
And someone did!
Before the crack of dawn, our little girl left for Belgium to live a happy, full life.
Huge thank you s to the team that made this possible.

Laura is a young dog who is paralysed after a car accident. Her family couldn’t keep her and the shelter managed to find two fosters.

Laura, though handicapped, is a little, happy dog. She doesn’t understand what has happened and her spirit is unbroken.

The estimated extra time needed for her is only 30 minutes.

At the bottom of the menue there is a special page “LAURA -The paralysed Dog” which shows how to care for her. Of course, we would help with advice.

Please, give her and other handicapped dogs like her a chance!

Laura, October 2019

Laura with foster mom

Laura in her sports car – don’t think this will slow her down!
She gets on with other dogs.