9 orphaned puppies (adopted)

9 orphaned puppies (adopted)

Update: Now everyone has a page of his or her own. Here you can see their baby pictures. There were two litters: 4 black and white puppies and 5 brown and green-eyes ones. They were born in July and their mothers were poisoned.

Their story:

Julkaissut Elizabeth Iliakis Tiistaina 24. joulukuuta 2019
Christmas 2019 for the puppies

All puppies can be reserved now!!!

Who might be interested in us? November 2019

OBVIOUSLY we have no room for not one more animal in the shelter.
OBVIOUSLY when there are nine orphaned babies still in the same area where their mothers were killed, we must take them in no matter what the situation.

There are 4 black and white puppies, alle females. And there are 5 brown puppies. The one with the collar is a male and reserved; the others are females. Let’s hope they stay healthy!

Midget wrestling
The little male…

Here are Camelia’s nine orphans at our shelter.
Safe, warm and fed.

Let’s hope they’ll stay healthy; adopted
Problem: the food is too big, we had to buy special, smaller food. Also the floor was inept. We made a concret floor which is easier to clean especially as now the autmn rains might start.

The wrong food might attrac rats which could easily harm the puppies
Deworming, 22.October 2019