Iggy (adopted)

Iggy (adopted)


Hi I’m Iggy, former Souda Shelter pup now living in Germany.

Iggy in his new home, February 2020

I would like to urge everyone who reads this post to help. You see, I didn’t magically get from the streets of Chania to this luxurious livingroom. I was taken in to the shelter, I was very well cared for, I was fed quality food, I was socialized and I had several vet visits. Then Elizabeth spoke with her friends at her favorite tierheim in Karlsruhe and they gave the okay to have me and help me find a home in Germany.

Then flight tickets were bought, flight boxes, passports and off I went. Big expenses.

Which brings us to today.

Any donation, big or small, can land another animal, without hesitation, in the situation that I am in now.

Peaceful, loved, secure…king of the hill.

Be a part of the project, as Elizabeth says, adopt, donate and share.

Group of good folks who got me here, the Souda Shelter Project❤️

His story:

This is Iggy, our long haired GSD mix.
He is a happy, healthy young male full of bounce!

He is great with other animals, adores people and would be perfect for a home of outdoorsy folk.
He is eager to please and full of love.
He has been neutered.

His story:

Iggy was found on the streets on the 9.9.2019

Iggy, just found and picked up.
Iggy being picked up.