Frazier (Passed away)

Frazier (Passed away)

Update Frazier:

Frazier was killed by a dog. 🙁

Elisabeth: Frazier was saved from a slow death only to be finished by a quick one. My neighbor’s dog just tore him to pieces in front of my eyes.

25.August 2019:

Update Frazier:
We’re doing very well.
Our neck wound is healing beautifully.
Our eye socket has dried and cleaned up and our bloodwork looks like it came from a completely different animal. 
Once his antibiotic therapy has finished he will be vaccinated and soon we’ll be ready to re-home!

Frazier today…he seems loads better. Let's see what the doc says…

Julkaissut Elizabeth Iliakis Lauantaina 24. elokuuta 2019

17. August 2019:

Frazier was found on the streets. The wound under his neck smelled wretched. The puss out of his eye was bright yellow.

He is FIV positive. Nothing to be alarmed about, new studies show that it is not as contagious as we had believed. Sad but not tragic.

Let’s all wish him well.

Frazier, get better, I know there is a super handsome chap under all that distress….

When the doctor drew blood, it was yellow with a few red blood cells which had sank to the bottom.