Poncho (adopted)

Poncho (adopted)
Poncho, July 2019, ready for adoption


Baby Poncho has just arrived to the US.
Landed safely, now an Αμερικανάκι. We miss you already Alaine and Luke❤️ Best of luck on your future endeavours.

Now in the US!









His story:

This is Poncho. Look at that sweet face!

He’s the second of the pups (the other one os Rufus) found near the shopping carts at the supermarket, and is ready for his new home. He’s a sweet boy who loves playing with the other puppies and just hanging out with the humans. He loves kids and gets along well with other dogs. Anyone would be lucky to have him as part of the family. He was born in April 2019.

A handsome boy
Poncho in action!

We are working on training. Rufus, Lucky, and Poncho have learned to sit for treats
Poncho and Rufus, August 2019