Samson (passed away)

Samson (passed away)

Gender: Male


Breed: Mixed kangal

Neutered: No


Size: Extra large 37 kg


Our Samson has gone.
He has left us to rest without aches or pains, without complications, without all of us who adored him.
He left without a home or an owner to call his own.
Our Sammy, our majestic, impressive king. Our sweet and very vulnerable big boy who would look you in the eyes while getting his IV with a serenity that soothed your soul, even though it was his that needed soothing.
Our gentle giant has gone and we all are crushed, under the weight of a Redwood, his heart larger than life.
Goodbye Samson, you moved us so when you came and now you moved us even more that you left.
We love you.

His story:

Just in case anyone considers adopting him: Samson would prefer a home without children.

He is Leishmania positive. Samson was when found already in his final stages of leishmania but his kidneys were already damaged. If you adopt an animal with leishmania, we will inform you about his animal – so you will know the stage (and if there are problems) of your animal.

Samson is back at the vet for some IV therapy.
Samson, a Turkish Kangal, was left on the street to die from Leishmania. Our volunteer Elizabeth Williams had picked him up in his final stages and brought him in.

Samson at the vet, January 2020

We’ve gotten him back to his weight, size and stature but the parasite has already destroyed his kidneys. He has kidney failure.
Sampson is living with special renal food, gets TWO types of renal booster supplements daily and unfortunately frequents the vet for IV therapy to ‘cleanse’ his blood.
If we could give him a kidney transplant we would.
Nothing is ‘too much’ for our Samson.

You can find more information about leishmania here. Please, give our leishmania dogs a chance!

Samson, January 2020

“People haven’t really realized how big I am. Elizabeth keeps saying I’m huge. I think these photos will put it into perspective”, Samson the Dawg.

Update: 1.September 2019
Samson is as 100% as he can be.
He gets Royal Canin Renal food.
He gets renal boosting tablets daily.
He gets love.
Now that’s what a Kangal looks like!

His story:

At the vet, Summer 2019

Samson fans:
He’s put on more than 5 kilo.
He’s barking and trotting.
He even started a fight today with Donald!
I think Samson is well on his way to being himself. Lookout!

Meet Samson.
One of our volunteers would run into him on the back roads by the airport. When she sent me the pictures I could say nothing else but catch him and bring him in.
She took him to the vet yesterday before admitting him to the shelter.
Yes he’s a mini train wreck.
Leishmania positive, renal failure, a third of his weight, his hemocrit is desperately low.
He’s got a hell of a battle if he wants to stay on this earth.
We’ll battle with him.
He will need IV treatment every day for the next days. He will need kidney boosting supplements, he got this very pricey injection which stimulates cell production in the blood, he needs to be on special food, for kidney problems.
The veterinarian who examined him believes that he is part Great Dane.
C’mon Samson, show us your “Great”.
We anticipate on seeing it.

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