Kelly (adopted)

Kelly (adopted)

Gender: Female

Birthday: 2014 (aka super best ager…not too young and not too old)

Breed: well…collie?


Colour: Tri colour

Size: Medium 18kg

July 2019,
Kelly, the most zen, pure, peaceful, loving animal on the planet.

She is one of the sweetest and kindest dogs in the shelter. Very uncomplicated with everyone and all the other dogs
July 2019
Isn’t she a beauty?

September 2019: News from her new home!!!

Kelly, now Elly

Update from her new home:
Now she is with us for a month and has settled in wonderfully. She accompanies us everywhere and bewitches everyone she meets. The vet visit and the visit to the dog hairdresser ran problem-free. She loves to play and cuddle.
We love them over everything and can not imagine a life without them anymore.
thank you Elizabeth Iliakis so much !!