Meerka (adopted)

Meerka (adopted)

Gender: Female

Birthday: June 2015

Breed: Shepherd mix

Castrated: Yes

Color: Black and Beige

Size: Medium






17.09.2019 Meerka is adopted!


Happy end for Meerka ?

Meerka moved to her forever home yesterday ????

She is living with her new mom, another dog and two cats in a house and 300m2 completely secured garden.

The first night in her new home everything was fine. The other dog already loves Meerka (now Maylie) and Meerka is also fine with the cats.

Now Meerka is ready for her new life. There are still a lot of things for her to learn. She will get the time she needs.

A huge thanks for her lovely and patient foster mom, who was helping Meerka, doing her first steps towards a new life.

And thank you to her new mom, who already loves her from here to the moon and back.

Enjoy your new life, my little Meerka

15.September 2019 Meerka made her first walk outside her foster home. A huge step for her!

30. August 2019 Meerka is now in Germany in a foster home.

Description: Meerka has been a shy girl who goes into her house to get away from too much excitement, so she is often overlooked by people visiting the shelter which is a great pity for both sides.

Meerka has recently gone through some impressive changes thanks to a shelter worker spending time with her & a dog called Pinelope and it turns out that shy Meerka actually has a very playful character and it´s a great joy to see her courage literally grow now with every single passing day.





From now on, it´s all up to you! Give this wonderful girl the loving home she deserves and experience all the amazing changes Meerka goes through at first hand. 

Could you be the person to give her the confidence she deserves?


She would appreciate a calm house with her own quiet space
July 2019

July 2019: “She is definitely coming out of her shell! She followed Elizabeth around the last time, as she was putting away the linens. I don’t think she’d ever ventured that far from her pen before!! And she was super curious when Litsa was washing out a swimming pool. I think she would be an amazing family dog.”