Kenai (adopted)

Kenai (adopted)

Gender: Male

Birthday: June 2015

Breed: Mix

Castrated:  Yes

Color:  Cream

Size: Medium

Description: With his soft hair and his beautiful brown eyes Kenai looks a little bit like an oversized teddy bear. He’s a friendly fellow and good with other dogs, but a little bit shy. Shy, but not afraid. Reserved, but not uninterested. He might not come running to you right away, but some treats will work miracles.

Kenai, January 2021

Kenai is simply a sweet guy who deserves a peaceful home away from the noisy shelter environment where he has the chance to – step by step – get to know his human whom he will eventually fall in love with.

July 2019
Kenai, August 2019

Kenai is a super sweet male that is super delicate. Of course the rhythm of the shelter is a little overbearing for him but this does not stop him from playing and taking part.

He trusts his dog brothers and sisters but is a little bit cautious with humans until he gets to know you. Then all is well.




Kenai has been at the shelter from a pup (6 months old).
Kenai is castrated. He is a healthy animal with blood exams to prove it.
Kenai celebrates his birthday in June where he will be four