Souda <br> (Adopted)


Birthday: September 2013

Breed: Shepherd mix

Castrated: Yes

Color: Tri color

Size: Medium




Description: Souda is an alpha female in her pen, very smart, very loving.

She is a female who was living in the town of Souda and had given birth to pups in a very pup unfriendly environment. Seeing what a dedicated and selfless animal she was we had to help her.
We took her and her babies into Souda shelter to avoid death or injury. This was almost two years ago.

Her four pups have all been rehomed.

Souda is a very smart animal. She is alpha female of her pen pack and one of the dogs “in charge” when everyone is out playing together. She is a leader and is very social and very fair amongst other animals. Souda is very friendly with people.

We estimate that she is a little less than three years of age.
She is neutered, vaccinated and ready to be rehomed. (06/16)