He is with us.
The dog that had been tied up at Intersport has been brought to us.
From what I have learned so far, he was purposely tied by a neighbor who saw him nervously crossing the street back and forth without looking. For those who know that street, it is very dangerous.
We also learned that he has an owner.
Now whether that owner will come looking for him or not, we don’t know, but the animal is not chipped.
So legally, he does not have an owner.
He has demodex or scabies.
He is in poor health.
He has a perineal hernia which needs an operation or swollen anal glands or cancer, lets hope not the last one.
He is not castrated.
He is young.
He is very kind.
He is very cute.
And in a few weeks time, he will be gorgeous.
I have named him Titus.
Welcome to the family good boy.
With the help of good people, we will get you feeling better♥️
And from what I learned in the comments below, you are a Gordon Setter 😉


His story:
This animal has been tied up and left from last night at the Intersport on the way to Jumbo. Can’t anyone help it?? Does anyone recognize it??
Of course, we will take it in and take care of it. It looks like it has terrible problems. Our volunteer Sophia is on the way to pick it up.