Update 4.7.2024:
Friday is a friendly, 6-month-old dog who is currently staying at the animal shelter. He has a beautiful appearance and a sociable personality, making him an ideal pet.
Update 17.4.2024:
Friday has experienced some growth. He delights in playing with his siblings during the day.
His story:
World meet Friday! Born in January 2024. He is a boy.  They just arrived at our shelter and these little puppies deserve a chance in life. Adopt, don’t shop!
In the US, today is National Puppy Day. Here in Crete, everyday is National Puppy Day.
So very many babies outside waiting to get into the shelter and although we are struggling economically and have space issues, these babies must come in.
They are the youngest of all on the street right now, which gives them priority.
Almost two month, they are six boys and one girl, and although I should be upset knowing the expense this will cost us, I just can’t. I turn into a schoolgirl when I see big headed puppies like this.
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