Meet FREYA♥️ Freya was hit by a car, on the night before Christmas Eve, and left on the road to die. One of our caregivers found her early in the morning on her way to the shelter.
Fortunately, we found a veterinarian who spontaneously made time for her on the weekend, but the prognosis was grim. Freya had suffered severe head trauma, had difficulty breathing, and had no feeling in the rear part of her body. Two weeks of uncertainty and lack of sleep followed.
BUT it was all worth it!
Meanwhile, Freya is considered fully recovered, but we don’t want to put her back on the busy streets and hope that someone out there will give this brave girl a warm basket.
Freya is very calm and reserved. She adores cuddles and starts purring as soon as you enter the room. We wish for her a peaceful home with lots of love and retreats. A house with too much hustle and bustle is not suitable for her. At the moment, she lives with a small dog and other cats, with whom she gets along well.
Freya has tested negative for FIV and FeLV.
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