Meet Rain, the cutest pup at our shelter! He’s a little guy, around 12 kg, and about 8 months old. Rain is a total sweetie who gets along with everyone, and he’s a cuddle pro!

Rain is a young male, born in February 2023.

Rain’s story: He was picked up by a woman and she let him live in her yard/garden and fed him, but she did not want him or keep him, and he was roaming around in the area.

He ran in front of the shelter car while one of the employees was driving, searching for food in the trash bins. And of course, the employee could not leave him with this high risk of getting run over and Rain was taken to the shelter.

He’s an easygoing dog, friends with everyone, and just a ball of fun. If you want a pet who’s not just cute but also the best cuddle buddy, Rain is your dude.