Ai (adopted)

Ai (adopted)

Update 9.4.2024:

Ai got adopted in Germany.

Her story:

Meet Ai, a cute girl, pronounced like the English word “eye” and meaning “love” in Japanese.

She was left along with her siblings Rui and Hitomi at the shelter by a poor man who had found them abandoned. Since he has no means to care for these, we could not do anything else than to accept them into our shelter.

Since the day these puppies stepped foot into the shelter, they have been called the tinies. Because that is the size they were when they came, and they are still pretty tiny.

The tinies were born in November 2023.

Ai, the tiniest of them all, is like every youngest (or in this case smallest) “child”, the troublemaker. Very adventurous soul with loads of energy. She is playful and charming.

Born in November 2023, Ai is the delightful sister of Hitomi and Rui.

Just like her siblings, she’s a heartwarming pup with a love for play.

With a friendly and lovable nature, Ai is eager to become a cherished part of your family.

Alongside her abandoned companions, she is in search of a forever home where her affectionate spirit can bring joy and love into your life.