Meet Cosima, an adorable puppy born in September 2024, currently finding warmth and care at Souda Shelter. Cosima is part of a trio of siblings, including Joanna and Alfi, who, sadly, were left behind.

But Cosima is a little sweetheart, bringing joy to everyone around her!

Despite facing some tough times, Cosima, along with her siblings, has created a mini-family at Souda Shelter. She’s a playful and lovable pup, always ready to share her affection with those who cross her path.

The shelter staff takes good care of them, but what Cosima really dreams of is a loving family to call her own.

Cosima’s wagging tail and charming presence remind us that even in challenging situations, there’s room for happiness.

The Souda Shelter team is hoping that soon Cosima, along with her brothers Alfi and Joanna, will find a forever home where they can be showered with love and make wonderful memories.