Baby Jule was picked up by myself and Simone Sombecki (Tiere suchen ein zu Hause) while we had the pleasure of welcoming the German animal program in Chania.
Carolyn Kyprios had called us about two dogs living in the field below their home where in one had deformed legs (this being Jule).
Jules front legs are terribly crooked, they look as if they were broken and mended wrong.
Seems she was so malnourished as a pup that her bones were affected. She will need to see an orthopedic specialist in her case.
More to follow on our baby Jule.
But in the meanwhile, tell her how beautiful she looks in her holiday attire….

Born in April 2023, she’s spent most of her young life in the shelter, patiently waiting for her forever home. She is the sister of Mr. Flea.