Update 8.7.2024:

Connie is a stunning dog and well socialized.

Her story:

Meet Connie (sister to Blyde)! Two resilient souls born in February 2019, who found themselves abandoned when their owner passed away.

Despite the heartbreak of losing their human companion, these remarkable dogs have forged a new path of hope within the walls of a shelter. Connie and Blyde are not just survivors; they are beacons of strength, showcasing their zest for life despite the challenges they’ve faced.

In the shelter, they’ve formed a tight bond, supporting each other through thick and thin. Now, these lovable companions are on the lookout for a forever home—a place where warmth, care, and understanding can replace the void left by their previous owner. With wagging tails and hearts full of love, Connie and Blyde are ready to embark on a new chapter of joy and companionship. Consider opening your heart and home to these wonderful dogs, offering them the love and security they deserve. Adopt Connie and Blyde, and witness the transformative power of a real home.