Obi (passed away)

Obi (passed away)

Update 8.1.2024:

Last night, in the warmth of Amelie’s home, under her tender love and care, Obi left us.
Thank you Amelie for taking him in and making him feel so loved.
Have a good journey little Obi.
Life was not so fair with you but hopefully your new trip will take you to sunny pastures filled with joy and love and good company.
As we half heartedly announced yesterday, our Obi was diagnosed with congenital heart failure.
His story:

Meet Obi, the charming little fellow born in September 2023! 🐾 This delightful puppy is not just any pup – he’s Harper’s cherished boy and a proud brother to Caesar, Cherry, Ecco, and Little Melvin.

Obi, with his endearing personality and fuzzy coat, is a heart-stealer at the shelter. His playful spirit and boundless energy make every moment a joyous one. As Harper’s boy, he’s learning the ropes of love, loyalty, and the art of bringing smiles to everyone around him.

With a wagging tail and curious eyes, Obi is ready to embark on the journey from the shelter to a forever home. Born to be adored, he carries a promise of companionship, laughter, and a lifetime of paw-some adventures.

Obi, not just a shelter puppy but a furry ambassador of love, is eager to fill a home with warmth and happiness. Get ready for a delightful journey with Obi – where every day is filled with cuddles and the magic of unconditional love!