Brave (adopted)

Brave (adopted)

Update 2.12.2023:

Meet Brave, the courageous little puppy who found his first home at the Souda Shelter! In just a few months, Brave has blossomed into a well-socialized bundle of joy. This fearless pup has conquered the challenges of shelter life, embracing each day with resilience and a wagging tail.

Brave’s vibrant personality shines through as he eagerly interacts with both humans and fellow furry friends. His playful antics and boundless energy make him the perfect companion for families seeking a loyal and loving addition to their homes.

Having spent his early days at the Souda Shelter, Brave has not only adapted well but has also developed a heartwarming spirit that reflects the care and attention he has received. Now, he’s ready to embark on a new chapter, bringing joy and companionship to a forever family.

If you’re looking for a brave and spirited companion, look no further than Brave – the puppy who’s conquered his first month at the Souda Shelter and is ready to bring endless love into your home. Adopt Brave and let his courage brighten your days!













His story:
Brave! and brave is this little guy to start life a bit tough. Now all that is overcome and he is safe. Born in 2023 he will be an ideal family dog getting now good food, vaccs and sozialisation. Who will be his furever family?

Meet seven adorable puppies, left all alone in a cardboard box at a quiet schoolyard.

No shelter, no food, and no mommy to care for them—just innocent eyes longing for love.

But their luck changed when a kind supporter from a local animal rescue found them.

Now safe and sound, these little pups are looking for loving homes. They’ve had a tough start, but their spirits are resilient, and their playful nature will warm your heart. Each pup is unique and full of charm, ready to bring joy to a new family.

They need a warm bed to sleep in, caring families to call their own, and lots of hugs and belly rubs to make them feel safe and cherished. To start their new lives on the right paw, they require vaccinations and medical attention. But the rescue can’t do it alone—they need the help of kind people like you.

Your generous donations will ensure these puppies get the care they deserve and set them on a path to a bright future. Just imagine the happiness they’ll bring to your home, wagging their tails and showering you with unconditional love.

By adopting one of these sweethearts, you’ll gain a loyal companion and a forever friend. Whether you’re looking for a playful pal or a furry family member, these puppies are eager to fill your life with love and happiness.