Cher (adopted)

Cher (adopted)

Meet Cher! Cher has a stunning look and will be the talk of the town. Meanwhile he is playing all day long with the other puppies and thus learning the ropes of being a sociable dog.

In Souda, a small town nestled on the beautiful island of Crete, a heartwarming but sad tale unfolds. Once again, the cementary at Souda finds itself as the backdrop for a tale of abandonment. Eight adorable puppies, a mix of Australian Shepherds, were left behind by their irresponsible owner, who has been repeating this heartless act for the last three years.

This year’s litter has a peculiar feature – the Australian Shepherds seem to carry the Merle gene, giving them a unique and attractive coat pattern. However, while this pattern may catch the eye, it brings along some challenges that are not kind to the pups. Sadly, three of the eight puppies have been born handicapped, being both deaf and blind.

Yet, there is hope. These special puppies, though facing adversity, have proven to be resilient and strong-willed. The world may be a silent and dark place for them, but they are not without their abilities. Deaf and blind dogs, with the right care and patience, can be trained to live fulfilling lives.

Their journey to happiness begins with finding a dedicated and compassionate owner. Someone who understands their needs and is willing to put in the effort to train them through touch, love, and perhaps even smells. With the right guidance, these handicapped puppies can flourish and experience a life full of love and joy.

Remarkably, despite their challenges, all eight puppies have developed a playful and friendly nature. The company of their littermates has helped socialize them, allowing their puppy spirits to shine through. They embrace each day with curiosity and enthusiasm, blissfully unaware of the hardships that life has thrown their way.

In the picturesque town of Souda, a new chapter awaits for these brave little souls. A chapter that holds the promise of love, understanding, and the opportunity to thrive despite their obstacles. They just need a chance, a kind hand, and a loving heart to help them on their journey towards a brighter future.

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