Update 9.1.2024:

Cutey Peugeot, the brains of the operation.
Peugeot is a playful and cunning (like a fox) young male, (brother of Chevy).
He and his siblings were orphaned at a very young age when their mother disappeared mysteriously, never to be found again.
That was when I took them in, first to my home and then to the shelter.
Peugeot was lucky to be raised with his siblings together.
He is a beauty and a good dog!
See his whimsical side below. He likes to play peek a boo!♥️


Update 28.06.2023:

Peugeot, the charming white and brown canine from the Souda Shelter, has grown into a spirited companion, radiating warmth and love wherever he goes.

His story:

Say hello to Peugeot, the lovable and playful puppy with a brown and white coat that’s sure to steal your heart! Born in December 2022, Peugeot is the cherished brother of Porsche, Mercedes, Chevy, Aston, and Lexus. With his big, expressive eyes and adorable markings, Peugeot is as cute as they come.

Peugeot is a friendly and outgoing puppy who loves nothing more than making new friends and having fun. He’s always up for a game of fetch or a good belly rub. His sweet and affectionate nature makes him a great fit for families with children or other pets.

Despite his many wonderful qualities, Peugeot is still waiting for his forever home. If you’re looking for a loyal and loving companion, Peugeot may be the perfect match for you. Come and meet him today at the shelter and see for yourself what a wonderful addition he could be to your family.