Owen (adopted)

Owen (adopted)

Update 7.3.2023:

Owen and his eight siblings were abandoned in a box outside the shelter in October 2022, when they were only a few weeks old. Due to being separated from their mother at far too young age, Owen and his siblings had a very difficult start in life. Sadly, their baby sister Kat was unable to overcome this challenge and did not survive.

Thankfully, the remaining puppies were able to thrive and have since found loving homes. All remaining puppies except for Owen!

Kinda hard to believe when you look at this furry bundle of love, isn´t it?

Owen is a social and adventurous little pup who loves to explore the world.

He’s recently started socializing with some of our bigger dogs and is gaining more courage every day.

He has the most loving and cuddly personality and could spend his whole day cuddling, playing, and napping in the sun. He especially loves snuggling up in laps and getting belly rubs.

Owen is an affectionate boy who will happily shower his humans with love and kisses. It’s heartbreaking that Owen is the only one left of his litter, but it also presents an opportunity for YOU to provide him with the loving home he deserves.

If you’re looking for an adorable, adventurous, and loving puppy to join your family, Owen might just be the perfect addition.

With his social nature and playful spirit, he would make an excellent companion for families with children or anyone who loves to spend time with their furry friend.

His story:

Cute Owen was born around Sept 03/2022 and was left in a box outside the shelter together with his siblings.

Brother of Derek, Alex, Jackson, Meredith, Madi (adopted), Navina and Kat.