Jonee (adopted)

Jonee (adopted)

Update 7.3.2023:

Big dog enthusiasts, where are you?!

Jonee, or Jojo how she´s often called, is a lovely, young girl born in October 2022. She was found abandoned nearby the shelter with her mom Jemma and her two siblings Éclair and Duke.

Despite her rough start, Jonee has an incredibly loving and playful personality that endears her to anyone who meets her. When fully grown, this fluffy bundle of energy and love will be large!

Wrestle, nap, eat – repeat! Jonee enjoys a routine of wrestling, napping, eating, and then doing it all over again!

She is highly sociable and loves to jump, run and wrestle with her furry playmates. Despite her friendly demeanor, Jonee has a strong will and can be a bit of a bossy boots with her mates at times.

However, when it comes to humans, Jonee is very obedient and loves to shadow her people around. She is attentive and listens well when called.

As she will be a large dog, Jonee will require a training approach that is both loving and firm to help her learn to respect boundaries and become a well-behaved dog. Overall, Jonee is an energetic and loving dog who will bring joy and laughter to any household.

Her social nature, love for people, and playful personality make her an excellent companion for families or individuals who have the time and patience to help her reach her full potential.

Update 23.2.2022:

Pretty Jonee’s got some new photos out, and they’re looking more grown-up than ever. But let’s be real, she is beautiful with her colour and markings.

Update 8.12.2022:

Look at this butter baby! Three month, nine kilo bear, Jonee. Big girl with big dreams😍

Her story:

Her mother Jemma was tied to a fence close to the shelter and abandoned there with her three babies Jonee, Eclair and Duke. Duke died.