Update 15.12.2023:

Meet Selena, the epitome of resilience and beauty. Once abandoned, this light brown female dog has transformed into a vision of strength and grace. Her coat, now gleaming, tells a tale of survival and newfound radiance.

Selena, with eyes that reflect a mixture of wisdom and gratitude, walks with a renewed spirit. Despite her past hardships, she carries herself with elegance and a touch of playfulness. Her days of abandonment are behind her, replaced by the love and care that have mended both her body and soul.

As the sunlight dances on her light brown fur, Selena is a living testament to the transformative power of compassion. Every step she takes echoes a story of healing and the triumph of love over neglect. Selena is not just a dog; she’s a symbol of hope, reminding us that, with kindness, even the most broken spirits can be mended.

Her story:

Selena was picked up underweight and pregnant from the side of the road in May 2022.

It wasn’t visible to the naked eye HOW pregnant she was until two days later she had a surprise in store for us.

Overnight Selena had given birth to nine little babies, her nuts, as we call them.

Selena is a large dog with a wonderful and unique character.

She’s a funny girl who is very attached to people and does the cutest little dances when it’s time for food or she’s excited about something.

She can get a bit overexcited sometimes though and because she’s physically strong she needs people capable to handle a dog her size.

Selena’s very playful and social with other dogs. Selena can be a quite dominant and needs other dogs to understand and like her physical way of playing.

Selena is the momma of Cashew, Peanut, Chestnut, Hazelnut, Butternut, Brazil, Pistachio, Pecan and Coconut.