Venus (adopted)

Venus (adopted)
She was left at the shelter today. (3.7.2022)
She was dropped off because his wife had no room for her.
Raised from a newborn, she looked in his eyes as he spoke to me and when he drove away her panic made me break down and cry.
Kind, sweet Belgian girl.
I could not let her leave with him.
I usually don’t allow owners to drop their animals off but I had to, he brought her to us in the closed trunk (boot)of his car! In this heat!
And she still looked him in his eyes.
He went to swat her on the head in front of me but I sternly warned him not to do that again.
And he didn’t yet she panicked when he left her.
He says he will be back in two months to get her.
Yeah, you’ll be back and I’ll give her to you.
Over my alive and kicking ass body.
World meet Venus.
Give her the opportunity to learn that her last owner was garbage and that humans love, respect and care for other creatures, unconditionally.
Adopt one year old Venus today.
The Souda Shelter Project