Update 2.8.2022:
Savanah / Savannah is getting better and she is being treated. Still the best would be a home.
Her story:
She is very old, leishmania ridden, back legs atrophied, her eyes milky from cataracts, her ears eaten by flies.
She was probably tied to a post somewhere her whole life to carry out her duties, dreadfully neglected yet always faithful.
Savannah was recently abandoned, tied to a tree in an olive grove and left to die.
She was no longer needed. Discarded like an old tool replaced with a shiny new one. Her years of service completely disregarded.
That’s where we come in.
Today Savannah is being bathed to calm her hurtful skin. Today Savannah is being massaged by not one but many sets of hands. She is the star today where her whole life she was just a ghost.
We love her. We will care for her the best we can but the best medicine for Savannah’s lifelong nightmare would be a home.
Adopt a senior today.
Grant the greatest gift ever to both them and yourself♥️
Bring her home to rest her old bones.
Big thank you to our volunteers for giving all their love not only to Savannah but to all of our animals and our project♥️