Savannah (adopted)

Savannah (adopted)
Update 9.4.224:
The look of a confident lady starting her third chapter in life.
Savannah was tied, out of sight, in an olive grove with no food or water.
She was left there to die.
We rescued her in the nick of time. She was extremely dehydrated, emaciated and overridden by her Leishmania infection.
The muscles in her back legs were so atrophic she could barely stand, the trait of an animal who has NEVER been off of the chain. Her ears had been eaten by the flies.
For two years Savannah has lived very well with us, having a personal space at the main entrance of the shelter.
How she loved that space and how she immediately changed! Savannah took on the role of guard dog for the whole shelter. She would sleep on the cement ground at night, right in front of the entrance, even though she had a mattress and warm wooden house. She would use that during the day, when the coast was clear.
Savannah became our protector.
Savannah took TWO supplements a day, one geriatric and one human vitamin E.
Savannah was regularly tested to check her Leishmania levels and her vital organ levels.
She got special food which was softened hours before feeding.
Savannah got loads of hugs and cuddles, treats and special treatment, she was our Alpha senior…she was the highest of ranks.
Today Savannah sits in her own home.
She has been adopted.
We are overwhelmed with joy.
We miss her at her post, but heck, she’s home.
And NOTHING beats that!
Good luck and good life warrior Savvy, we will love you forever!♥️
Update 8.3.2023:
On a hot summer afternoon last year, a man approached the shelter staff and reported that a black dog was tied to a tree in a nearby field without shade or access to water. The staff quickly responded and discovered a senior female shepherd dog in critical condition, on the verge of dehydration and heatstroke. The staff immediately rushed her to a veterinarian, and Savannah, as she was named, was able to recover from her ordeal thanks to her resilience and fighting spirit.
However, we cannot help but imagine the pain and hardships she must have faced in her life. Used as nothing more than a “tool” and discarded like trash when she began to experience blindness and deafness, and the symptoms of her untreated leishmania became too evident to ignore.
Cases like Savannah´s leave you feeling angry and speechless and it only gets worse when you see the way Savannah still looks up to people. Despite being thrown away, despite everything she went through, she remains loyal and would guard her humans with her last breath.
Savannah´s a true alpha and they youngsters at the shelter adore her, while she herself would prefer less company. Though she´s social with other dogs the hustle and bustle at the shelter is too overwhelming for this old lady and she definitely does not need any youngsters to challenge her at this stage in her life.
Savannah would enjoy living a peaceful and quiet life and deserves to spend her remaining time in a warm and loving home showered with love and attention.
As mentioned above Savannah is leishmania positive, which may be concerning to some, but we urge you to consider giving this wonderful old lady a chance.
Despite her diagnosis, Savannah can still have some happy and fulfilling years with proper care and management of her condition. She’s currently being treated with two pills a day and has gained seven kilos since coming to the shelter last summer. Her skin has healed well, and her blood works are generally fine.
Please consider opening your home to this wonderful senior dog. If you are unable to adopt her, please help us find her the loving home she deserves by sharing her story far and wide.
Update 9.12.2022:
Savanah is looking great! Savanah, a beautiful black German Shepherd mix looking for a forever home. Despite her age and physical challenges, including leishmania and cataracts, this sweet girl still has so much love to give. Leishmania is a parasitic infection that can cause a range of symptoms such as skin sores, weight loss, and fatigue. With proper care and treatment, many dogs with leishmania can live happy and comfortable lives. She is a loving companion and is in need of a kind and compassionate owner who will give her a comfortable and loving home to spend her golden years. Don’t let her age and challenges discourage you from giving her the loving forever home she deserves.
If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Update 2.8.2022:
Savanah / Savannah is getting better and she is being treated. Still the best would be a home.
Dogs with Leishmania may face some challenges, but they are still loving and loyal companions who deserve a loving home. Leishmania is a parasitic infection that can affect a dog’s immune system and cause fatigue, weight loss, and skin issues such as hair loss, sores and thickened skin. These dogs may require a bit more patience, understanding, and specialized care but they are just as deserving of love and affection as any other dog. They may require a stress-free environment. They may also need a specific treatment plan to manage their condition, which could include medication such as allopurinol, miltefosine, or other immunomodulators to manage symptoms and prevent progression of the disease. With proper care, they can live happy and healthy lives. However, it’s important to note that the prognosis for dogs with Leishmania can vary depending on the severity of the infection and the response to treatment. In some cases, the disease may progress and lead to severe organ damage and even death, despite treatment. Adopting a dog with Leishmania means to open your home and heart to a loving companion who will return that love tenfold. So, if you are willing to give a chance to a dog with Leishmania, you’ll be rewarded with a loyal and loving companion who will be grateful to you for giving them a chance.
Her story:
She is very old, leishmania ridden, back legs atrophied, her eyes milky from cataracts, her ears eaten by flies.
She was probably tied to a post somewhere her whole life to carry out her duties, dreadfully neglected yet always faithful.
Savannah was recently abandoned, tied to a tree in an olive grove and left to die.
She was no longer needed. Discarded like an old tool replaced with a shiny new one. Her years of service completely disregarded.
That’s where we come in.
Today Savannah is being bathed to calm her hurtful skin. Today Savannah is being massaged by not one but many sets of hands. She is the star today where her whole life she was just a ghost.
We love her. We will care for her the best we can but the best medicine for Savannah’s lifelong nightmare would be a home.
Adopt a senior today.
Grant the greatest gift ever to both them and yourself♥️
Bring her home to rest her old bones.
Big thank you to our volunteers for giving all their love not only to Savannah but to all of our animals and our project♥️