Manni (adopted)

Manni (adopted)
Update 23.8.2022:
Manni 175 years young
Found outside of the main agora in Chania, the busiest road in the whole city, walking circles in the middle of the intersection, lost.
We took him in, cleaned him up, gave him some geriatric vitamins and BOOM! this dinosaur was back in business🤣
Loved this guy to bits! Feisty!
Then Ines and Nicole saw him and also fell in love and asked if he could join their pack.
That family has lots of pups including our handicapped Jack Russel, Lara, who they adopted a few years back.
We sent him off, all of our hearts fluttering with joy.
Manni the Man is ♥️h♥️o♥️m♥️e♥️
Always interested in the women, cheeky dinosaur!
His story:
My volunteers ran into this very old dog wandering in the middle of the street alone.
The next morning he was still there.
He’s Manni and he now lives with us.
He’s a bit blind, he’s a bit deaf and he has the appetite of an elephant.
Bless him.
He’s about 100 years old.
We took him to the vet. On Facebook click here.
He was running on the middle of Chania streets! On Facebook click here.