Update 24.08.2023:

Elizabeth writes:
Charlie is a completely misunderstood pooch.
Even I had the wrong impression of him in the beginning.
You see, Charlie seemed like a kid with OCD. When he put something in his mind, he only would focus on that, I thought. But this is not the case.
You see, Charlie is not OCD.
He is actually receptive to you even when you think that he is engulfed in his thoughts.
Charlie is sensitive and smart.
Charlie has a humorous side.
He also gives super cutey looks.
He’s so adorable.
Charlie always has a teddy bear in his bed.
He is one of my favorites.
Charlie came to us with Erlichia, a tick born infection. We have been treating it vigorously for over a year. We are having his latest tests very soon, he is most probably cured but once we have the results we will update this post.
Charlie gets along with most everyone, he plays in a group of over thirty animals.
Charlie does have a trigger to pain (he was most probably physically abused) so I would suggest this little man go to a home without children.
Consider my “softy with a hard shell” Charlie.
He will warm the deepest part of your soul. Promise.

His story:

Charlie is really cool! He followed home one of our fosters when she was walking her dogs and he decided to stay.

She took care of him for a while, but couldn’t keep him because she already had too many animals to look after. Charlie is a very sweet and sensitive soul.

He’s very friendly with humans and good with other dogs. From what we can see at the shelter he has some prey drive and therefore may not be suitable for homes with cats.