Tosca (adopted)

Tosca (adopted)
Update 21.09.2022:
Tosca Tosca came to the shelter with her babies during the last winter. By now, all four pups have grown into wonderful young dogs and been adopted, but Tosca is still waiting! Tosca can be a bit shy when she first meets someone, but once she has built a trust with someone she’s just cuddly and affectionate. She is very playful and energetic and will clearly need active people who can meet her needs. She is not for someone who prefers to stay indoors, but someone who will take her on all kinds of adventures like hiking and other outdoor activities. Tosca is very social with other dogs both male and female, but gets along best with dogs who radiate a certain amount of self-confidence. Despite her rather delicate appearance her play always includes lots of physical contact and after a wild chase she loves a good wrestle. Tosca would definitely enjoy to have around another dog buddy in her new home. If you are looking for an affectionate, medium sized and active dog to add to your family, Tosca might just be the dog for you! So don’t hesitate, fill out the adoption application today! ☺️🖍️
Update 30.8.2022:
Having fun in the evening sun…
Her story:
You might remember that a while ago Elizabeth posted about a young mom on the road that had already lost three of seven of her tiny babies to the cold and the ongoing bad weather conditions.
The remaining four together with the mom were taken into the shelter’s care and what can I say? I believe they are thriving, or what do you think????
Meet momma Tosca and her babies Tortellini♂️, Ravioli♂️, Linguini♂️ and Farfalla♀️! ❤️