Toviah (adopted)

Toviah (adopted)
Update 20.3.2022:
Little update on Toviah adopted from the road three days ago. He is 2 months and a half and has officially been registered today under our name ❤️
He is a very clever little dog, so thankful and full of love! He has his character ? but don’t we just love them because of that ? I know I do ❤️
Thank you The Souda Shelter Project for all you do and thank you to this amazing community that helps all these animals that need to be loved and cared for ❤️
His story:
Found today near Kissamos one person threw two dogs away, unfortunately one died and one survived, thankfully to one farmer who found him and gave him food and water. Going by there today we saw him and fell in love, how can we leave a little dog like this in the road? He is now a happy little puppy with our other dog and cat ? one less for the The Souda Shelter Project who does an amazing job for all these four deg friends that are better than humans ?